Congratulations for taking the first step to becoming a qualified, professional accountant with the AIA. The global demand for accountancy professionals offers an abundance of opportunities, and finance work has never been more varied, more interesting or more challenging.

"As an AIA student you form part of a global network of accountants working throughout the full spectrum of accountancy, audit, business, finance, and economics."

Accountancy is a diverse profession and each individual student will have different requirements; AIA provide the tools, resources and learning environment for students to succeed and quickly enjoy the benefits of their expanding knowledge base.

Many AIA members are at the top of their industry, from senior management to director level, representing some of the most important and profitable firms in the world. With a select membership demographic including high numbers of these influential decision makers, AIA is a truly prestigious organisation.

This section contains everything you need to get the most out of your student membership of the AIA. Helping you progress through the exams, plan your study, manage your Initial Professional Development (IPD) and guide you through the early stages of your career.