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AIA is committed to ensuring that all of our members in practice have access to the right information, support and guidance to ensure that you operate a successful practice and adhere to all the necessary regulations. Practising members also receive a tailored monthly e-publication, In Practice, which details AIA news and guidance, new regulations and advice on compliance and due-diligence.

"AIA ensures that its practising members offer best service to the public by maintaining the highest standards in respect of the guidance provided to members together with continued monitoring in relation to quality assurance and compliance with the Money Laundering Regulations 2007."


If you have held your membership for two and a half years continuously and are in public practice, you are eligible to apply for an AIA practising certificate. The certificate entitles the holder to additional benefits and those wishing to apply should contact Membership Services.If you are in practice you must be in possession of a practising certificate issued either by AIA or by another recognised body.


AIA has to ensure that members in practice comply with the both the AIA's Members In Practice Guide and the Money Laundering Regulations 2007, and the practice monitoring visits are an integral part of our quality assurance procedures. AIA monitoring visits are conducted by an AIA Quality Assurance Adviser in a receptive, helpful and fair manner. AIA QA Advisers are fully qualified AIA members with extensive experience in the relevant areas. Practices are subject to at least one visit over a five year period in accordance with our risk assessment and selection policy.