14 June 2018

On the 13 June, AIA took part in the AML Supervisors’ Forum Intelligence roundtable meeting hosted by the Office for Professional Body Anti-Money Laundering Supervision (OPBAS) at the FCA along with other professional bodies, HMRC and the National Crime Agency (NCA) to call for different options to allow law enforcement and the NCA to share intelligence with supervisors.


12 June 2015
Shenzhen Stock Exchange ID 58196708 © Outcast85 |

Premier Li Keqiang said China is confident of keeping its annual growth rate around 7 %  for a fair period of time by persisting with its reform and opening-up and tapping its huge potential.

12 June 2015
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The Chinese government will take "more forceful" measures in the next five years to protect the environment and promote green development, Environment Minister Chen Jining said on Tuesday.

11 June 2015

The HK government has said that is committed to transforming Hong Kong into a hub for innovation and entrepreneurship.

10 June 2015

A seminar on intellectual property and the development of small and medium enterprises in Guangzhou attracted more than 100 entrepreneurs and government officials from Hong Kong and the Mainland today.

10 June 2015
British Chambers of Commerce

David Kern, Chief Economist of the British Chambers of Commerce, has commented on the latest trade figures for April published by the ONS.