The Association of International Accountants (AIA), the global body for professional accountants are today (28 March 2017) celebrating 20 years of successful business partnership with Metro Education and Lixin University of Accounting & Finance in China.

Metro Education is a full service private education and training organisation, providing learning solutions for individuals and organisations in Shanghai.

Metro Education and Lixin University have collaborated closely for 20 years in order to provide AIA student members with a professional environment from which to prepare, study and develop skills in order to successfully obtain the AIA professional qualifications.

This ongoing successful partnership in conjunction with the opening of the new AIA office in Beijing, will help the continued growth of AIA member and student numbers.

The AIA currently has over 7,500 members and students in China, a figure which has been steadily increasing since 1997.

Metro Chief Executive, Eugene Tan, said: “I have been very fortunate to witness the growth of the AIA over the past 20 years and this could not have happened without the strong support from Metro Education and Lixin University of Accounting and Finance. Although we have achieved great success to date, we remain committed to the Chinese market. It is our aim to partner with more quality institutions and to train more people for the development of the accounting industry in China.”

AIA Chief Executive, Philip Turnbull, added: “Metro Education and Lixin University have played an integral part in AIA growing throughout China over the past 20 years.

“The Chinese market plays a key role in meeting our ongoing growth targets, and we now look forward to the next 20 years of continued successful collaboration with Metro Education and Lixin University.”