As part of the newly-launched ‘Change’ transformation programme, Companies House are striving to achieve the vision of ‘brilliant people, brilliant systems and brilliant services’. But to do this, they need your input.

AIA fully support this initiative and strongly urge our members to voice their opinions and thoughts.

We would like you to tell Companies House what you think about their products, systems and services - what’s good, what’s not so good and what needs improving. This is your chance to tell Companies House what you need and help shape the future development of services. You can do this by completing our Customer and Stakeholder Opinion Survey:

This insight will help Companies House to plan and prioritise activities over the next few years. The feedback you give will help with the improvement of products and services. It will also help with better-informed decisions about how best to communicate with customers and stakeholders. You will then be able to enter a free prize draw and have a chance of winning an iPad Pro just for completing the survey. To access our survey please go to: