On the 6 February 2018 the Eurobank and Grant Thornton organised 2nd Annual ‘Growth Awards’ took place at Megaron – The Athens Concert Hall.

The awards now into their 2nd year are part of a continuing initiative to recognise business excellence and support dynamic Greek companies that excelled in 2017.

The ‘Growth Awards’ initiative, taken by Eurobank and Grant Thornton, aims to highlight and reward businesses that managed to stand apart from the competition, despite the current financial crisis. These companies have shown strong financial performance, transparency, modern corporate governance and social responsibility. They represent a healthy new business and working culture and play a leading role in the course of Greek economy towards exiting the crisis and a sustainable recovery.

New Democracy President, Kyriakos Mitsotakis and Greek Minister of Finance, Euclid Tsakalatos addressed the awards ceremony which was attended by representatives of the political, economic, academic and business communities of the country.

To select the winners, the two organisations studied more than 8,000 businesses based in Greece. Circa 200 businesses were short-listed to the final phase, according to the Grant Thornton Financial Growth/Health Matrix and the Eurobank credit rating tools. The panel of judges consisted of 17 distinguished individuals from the business and academic arena.

The six award winners on the evening were:

    • Operating/Business Improvement - DEMO ABEE
    • Product/Market Development – Sunlight Systems
    • Human Resources and Corporate Culture - Masoutis Supermarket SA
    • Investments - ELVIAL SA
    • Corporate Social Responsibilty - Genesis Pharma SA
    • Business Excellence - Titan Cement SA

Mr George Josephakis, AIA Council Member and Greece and Cyprus Branch Chairman attended the awards ceremony and commented: “Thank you to Eurobank and Grant Thornton for inviting AIA to participate in an event which both recognises and honours those businesses who are succeeding during a time of great adversity in Greece.

“AIA have a long connection with Greece liaising with government and regulatory authorities in order to achieve recognition of the AIA qualification, alongside pushing forward the provision of the AIA qualification and associated diplomas by technical institutes and universities.”

AIA Attend 2nd Growth Awards, Greece - 6th February 2018