The AIA offer a flexible learning structure and allow you up to ten years to complete the exams.

At the Foundation Level and Professional Level 1, you must take all subjects in a module together at your first attempt and you are required to attend all of the exams.

You will be credited Individual passes in the Foundation Level exams and after successfully completing Module A, you can proceed onto Module B. Individual passes in the Professional Level 1 exams will also be credited and on successful completion of Module C you can proceed to Module D.

At Professional Level 2, you must enter at least two exams out of the four available papers; these can be taken in any order, and you can choose to take more than two papers if you wish.

Any passes awarded will be retained. At any subsequent exam session, you will be required to take a minimum of two papers, which can include any previously failed paper(s), unless you have only one exam paper remaining outstanding.