AIA demands the highest standards of professional conduct from our members.

You are required to carry out CPD, adhere to AIA’s Bye-Laws and Code of Ethics and may be subject to disciplinary action. AIA will take disciplinary action against a member where there is sufficient reason to believe that misconduct has occurred, including failure in relation to professional ethics and conduct requirements, breach of AIA’s Articles, Bye-Laws, rules and regulations or any act or default likely to bring discredit to the member, AIA or the accountancy profession.

AIA will not be involved with complaints relating to fee charges, legal disputes or business decisions of a member unless associated misconduct is involved.

AIA’s policy in relation to referrals from regulatory or statutory bodies provides that the default position is that such referrals will be treated as Complaints and will be processed in accordance with the Associations Articles of Association and Bye laws.

The Guide to Sanctions explains the key decisions in the sanctioning process and sets out the approach the disciplinary committees should take when considering disciplinary action against members.

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