Support and feedback is an essential part of Achieve, as it helps you to understand where you need to do more revision or practice to in order to pass the exam. With AIA Achieve you have a dedicated AIA Study Support Team who are responsible for liaising between you and your e-Tutor, and ensuring that you receive your feedback promptly.

As an Achieve student you will be supported by our dedicated Study Support Team. The Study Support Team is your point of contact for all things course-related.


E-Tutors are part of the Study Support Team and are accountancy, finance and legal specialists. The e-Tutors are there to provide answers to your technical queries, feedback on your marked practice questions, and bespoke exam advice following your mock exam.


As part of AIA Achieve, and to be eligible for the AIA Pass Pledge, you are required to sit a maximum of four practice questions during the study period for each paper and details of when these will be issued are outlined in your Personal Study Planner.


The mock exam is an essential part of AIA Achieve and you are required to pass with a minimum of 45 marks to be eligible for the AIA Pass Pledge. Like the practice questions, to gain the maximum benefit, you must sit the mock exam under exam conditions, i.e. within 3 hours and 15 minutes and without the aid of study materials.

Your e-Tutor will mark your mock exam paper and will provide you with written feedback, giving you at least four weeks to do any additional revision before the public exam takes place.


Enrol on Achieve today by logging into My AIA and purchasing online. Alternatively, please click here to download the enrolment form, and return the completed form along with your payment by fax or by post. Please note we are unable to accept card payment details by email. 

If you have any additional questions, please contact the Study Support Team.