AIA pleased to extend partnership agreements with PTP Limited, Six Forward and HMCA. The continued collaborations reaffirm AIA’s commitment to providing AIA members with trusted high quality partner services at discounted rates. The services on offer aim to promote growth, increase efficiency and decrease costs for accountants around the world.

 PTP Limited offers a range of training and practice support products to help accountants help their clients. The resources PTP provide include PTP Online Training, PTP Seminars, In-house Courses and Practice Support. They also have their flagship products, TAXtv and AccountingTV, which are delivered in a unique discussion style TV programme and available for download every month.

PTP offer AIA members a 15% discount. 

Six Forward are full capital allowances service specialists, more specifically specialising in advice for clients with commercial property. Six Forward have over 250 UK Accountancy firms using their services which maximise opportunities and minimise risk. 

Six Forward offer AIA members a 20% fee share, or a 20% fee reduction for clients. 

Hospital & Medical Care Association (HMCA) provide AIA members and their families a range of medical health cover and other related products which are only available to members of professional and trade associations, and not to the general public. There products include Medical Car Plan, Dental Plan, Income Protection Plan, and HMCA Single and Multi-trip Travel. 

HMCA offer AIA members a range of discounts. 

AIA continuously strive to develop both new and existing partner agreements in order to provide world-class member benefits.