Navigating the Impact of Covid 19: An Employment Law Perspective | Ireland

Understand how to navigate the pitfalls posed by Employment Law during the current pandemic.

10:30 - 11:30

Covid 19 has led to the most serious economic disruption in living memory. From cashflow to supply chains, businesses across the globe have been forced to radically change their business model simply to survive. And, the longer term impact of this pandemic will be felt long after its most severe effects have passed. An important challenge in this new business environment will be how to navigate the pitfalls posed by Employment Law.  This Seminar will present a focused consideration of this area from both within and outside the business. Issues to be covered include recent court decisions concerning Covid business management, remote working and productivity, increasing/reducing staff levels, staff training/re-training and managing health and safety. 

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AIA Event Speaker John Eardly

John Eardley

John Eardly is Programme Director of the LLB (Hons) in Irish Law and BA in Law and Business in the Faculty of Law of Griffith College Ireland. He is a barrister whose experience in general practice includes employment and industrial relations law, chancery/injunctions, immigration/refugee law, judicial reviews, tort and contract. He is also a widely published author and guest speaker at many Professional Practice Conferences.  

He has extensive experience of teaching and lecturing at both student and professional practice level, including the Law School of the Law Society of Ireland and the Honourable Society of the King's Inns as well as professional practice training for legal practitioners at the Irish Centre for Commercial Law Studies and the Bar Council of Ireland.