An Introduction to Intellectual Property

An introduction to the intellectual property system in the UK to help your clients protect their creation or invention.


The intellectual property system in the UK encourages innovation and helps the economy and society to benefit from knowledge and ideas, as well as helping people and businesses get the right type of protection for their creation or invention. This webinar outlines the basics of IP including how to:

  • Gain a better understanding of what trade mark is and how it differs from the registration of a limited company.   
  • Find out about copyright ownership.  Who owns the IP material (reports, written financial forecasts etc.) that you create for your clients and who owns the IP rights in a business web site, logo, plansreports. 
  • Build your understanding linking innovation to intellectual property and in turn potential benefits from R&D tax credits and patent box. 
  • Find out about a range of FREE online support available to both you and your clients. 

Intellectual property (IP) rights grant you the ability to take legal action if others attempt to make, use, import, copy or sell your creation.

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Dave Hopkins

Dave is a Senior Policy Advisor for the Intellectual Property Office. Dave has had a successful career within the Office spanning over 25 years. He has been employed in several key roles including work with finance sector. Dave has delivered several briefings for the accountancy profession and has had a number of articles published within membership magazines. Prior to joining the Office Dave worked in a broad range of private sector organisations in the manufacturing, service and distribution sectors.

Nikki Evans

Nikki is Head of IP in Finance at the Intellectual Property Office. Nikki is a Chartered Accountant with many years of experience in various finance roles across the private, public and charity sectors. Nikki has previously worked in corporate finance, leading the acquisition of a number of businesses where the IP was a significant factor in the deal.