Title Author Paper Edition
The Audit Process: Principles, Practice and Cases Gray, I, Manson, S and Crawford, L 07 Auditing 6th
Principles of External Auditing Porter, B, Simon, J and Hatherly, D 07 Auditing 4th
AIA Paper 8 Company Law 08 Company Law
Mayson, French and Ryan on Company Law Mayson, S, French, D and Ryan, C 08 Company Law 34th
Company Law Dignam, A and Lowry, L 08 Company Law 9th
AIA Paper 9 Management Information 09 Management Information
Business Information Systems: Analysis, Design and Practice Curtis, G and Cobham, D 09 Management Information 6th
Quantitative Methods for Business Waters, D 09 Management Information 5th
Business Information: A Systems Approach Harry, M 09 Management Information 3rd
AIA Paper 10 Business Management 10 Business Management
Management (International Edition) Daft, R L and Benson, A 10 Business Management 1st
Contemporary Management Jones, G and George, J 10 Business Management 10th
Management (Global Edition) Robbins, SP and Coulter, M 10 Business Management 14th
Management and Organisational Behaviour Mullins, LJ 10 Business Management 11th
Introduction to Management Pettinger, R 10 Business Management 4th
AIA Paper 11 Financial Accounting 2 11 Financial Accounting 2
Financial Accounting: An International Introduction Alexander, D and Nobes, C 11 Financial Accounting 2 6th
Financial Accounting and Reporting (with MyAccountinglab) Elliott, BJ and Elliott, J 11 Financial Accounting 2 18th
IFRS in your Pocket 2016 Deloitte 11 Financial Accounting 2 15th
International Financial Reporting Standards IFRS 2016 IFRS Foundation 11 Financial Accounting 2