Diverse group of accountants

Qualified Accountants

Recognising your achievements

If you are a member of another professional body and have a proven track record of experience, you may be eligible for direct membership of the AIA. For example, you may be eligible to join via the European Communities (Recognition of Professional Qualifications) Directive or through one of AIA’s mutual recognition and reciprocal agreements with a number of IFAC member bodies.

Membership grades

AIA offers 2 membership grades that recognise where you are in your career.

  • Associate (AAIA) is the first post qualification membership grade
  • Fellow (FAIA) is awarded after you have 5 years post qualification experience

Member services and benefits

In additional to the services you would expect from a professional body, AIA provides members with:

  • International Accountant magazine
  • Technical guidance including access to resource libraries on:
    • Accounting & Auditing Standards
    • Tax
    • Charities
    • Ethics
    • Anti-Money Laundering
    • Public Practice
    • Membership Resources
  • Compliance information
  • Document templates and marketing tools
  • Discounts from partner services
  • Specialist publications on news, practising matters, continuing professional development and more.
  • CPD and networking events
  • Advisory services

Join the growing network of finance professionals choosing AIA.

  • Professional status
  • Ongoing membership support
  • Technical guidance
  • International network
  • Career development