Graduate accountancy students

Diploma in Management Accounting and Costing

The Diploma in Management Accounting and Costing (MAC) combines the study of basic traditional concepts and techniques with the most recent advances in management accounting and management information needed for planning, control, and decision making.


The Diploma is structured to develop a candidates critical understanding of the role of management accounting and costing in organisational planning, control and decision making at operational and strategic levels. 

The Diploma in MAC is tested by a 3 hour closed-book online exam with an additional 15 minute reading period.

This qualification is not currently available in the UK.

What will I learn?

On completion of the Diploma in MAC you will:

  • Have an understanding of costing systems for products, processes, operations and services to provide information to assist management in their decision making and policy formulation activities.
  • Understand the role of cost and management accounting in the modern day economic and commercial environment.
  • Have a detailed knowledge of both the financial control and decision support aspects of management accounting.
  • Apprecaite that the strategic aspects of management accounting.


On successful completion of the Diploma in MAC exemptions are available from the AIA Professional Qualification in Paper 3 Cost Accounting and Paper 12 Management Accounting.

More information

Please contact the Exams Department for more information.

  • Specialist Diploma in Management Accounting and Costing
  • Recognised qualification
  • Develop your skills and knowledge
  • Available worldwide
  • Recommended for accountants and finance professionals