Diploma in Accountancy

The Diploma in Accountancy is the second stage of the AIA professional qualification and develops the range and depth of your professional accounting studies.


The Level 6 Diploma in Accountancy comprises six exam papers, organised into two modules and tested by a 3 hour online exam with an additional 15 minute reading period.

Module C

7 Auditing
8 Company Law
9 Management Information

Module D

10 Business Management
11 Financial Accounting 2
12 Management Accounting 2

What will I learn?

On completion of this qualification you will:

  • Acquire significant technical development of professional knowledge and skills within an increasingly analytical and critical framework.
  • Gain the ability to refine and use relevant understanding, methods and skills to address complex accounting problems and take responsibility for planning and developing courses of action that are able to underpin substantial change or development, as well as exercising broad autonomy and judgement.
  • Gain an understanding of different perspectives, approaches and schools of thought and the theories that underpin them.

What will it cost?*

Application fee - £135

Exam/exemption fees - £90 per paper

*The application fee includes an administration fee and your first year’s annual subscription fee of £75. Students in Hong Kong are also required to pay a £20 Branch subscription fee. The application fee is only applicable to new AIA students, if you are already registered as a student you just pay your annual subscription fee when it is due on 1 October. The figures are based on successful completion at first attempt; this price does not include the fee for any resits required.

Study costs

Your study provider will be able to provide you with costs of study courses, or you can find out more about AIA Achieve and our study materials here.

Am I eligible?

If you have completed the AIA Certificate in Accountancy or an equivalent qualification in accountancy you may be eligible for this qualification. You can find out more information about our entry requirements and exemptions.

  • Diploma in Accountancy
  • Demonstrate understanding of complex accounting issues
  • Develop analytical thinking
  • Show strong business acumen
  • More career opportunities