Do you want to attend a webinar but you can't quite make the time? Do you want more support in your preparation for the exams?

You can access recordings of previous Achieve Webinars on your computer, tablet or phone at any time of the day. Our webinars cover past AIA exam questions dealing with a number of different topics. The webinar recordings are accessible through your internet browser and should be viewable on most internet capable devices.

The webinar recordings are available to purchase individually or in bundles for each paper in each exam session. Click on the webinar description to go to My AIA to purchase the recording.

PAPER 13  
P13 Webinar 20.04.17 | Contemporary Issues 15.00
P13 Webinar 06.04.17 | Provisions, Related Party Disclosures and Revenue Recognition 15.00
P13 Webinar 23.03.17 | Leases and Financial Instruments 15.00
P13 Webinar 23.02.17 | Consolidated Cash Flow 15.00
P13 Webinar 09.02.17 | Consolidated Statement of Financial Position 15.00
P13 Webinar 06.10.16 | Revenue Recognition, Financial Instruments and Joint Arrangements 15.00
P13 Webinar 22.09.16 | Consolidated Cash Flow Statement 15.00
P13 Webinar 09.09.16 | Accounting and Reporting Techniques: Intangible Non Current Assets, Tangible Assets and Leases 15.00
P13 Webinar 25.08.16 | Consolidated Statement of Financial Position - including complex groups 15.00
PAPER 14  
P14 Webinar 21.04.17 | Dividend Policy 15.00
P14 Webinar 05.04.17 | Cost of Capital - Risk, Beta Factors and Diversification 15.00
P14 Webinar 21.03.17 | The Valuation of a Business and the Analysis of Working Capital 15.00
P14 Webinar 24.02.17 | Portfolio Theory and Hedging Foreign Exchange particularly using Futures Contracts 15.00
P14 Webinar 08.02.17 | Net Present Value Calculations including Foreign Exchange Elements and Risk Assessment 15.00
P14 Webinar 07.10.16 | Storm plc, financial strategies and specifically the decision to take over another business 15.00
P14 Webinar 23.09.16 | Mr and Mrs Reece, including the separate areas of business valuations and working capital 15.00
P14 Webinar 02.09.16 | Mr Timpson covering sources of finance and also Great Bread plc covering cost of capital 15.00
P14 Webinar 26.08.16 | Mary Shaw incorporates NPV calculations including foreign currency calculations 15.00

Students enrolled on Achieve who attend the live webinar will receive a recording automatically.