The exams are held twice a year and take place over four days: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, in the last week of May and November.

There is one exam session each day, lasting for three hours, with an additional 15 minute reading allowance.

Module Day 1: Monday Module Day 2: Tuesday
A 1 Financial Accounting 1 A 2 Business Economics
B 4 Law B 5 Auditing & Taxation
C 7 Auditing C 8 Company Law
D 10 Business Management D 11 Financial Accounting 2
E 13 Financial Accounting 3 E 14 Financial Management
Module Day 3: Wednesday Module Day 4: Thursday
A 3 Management Accounting 1 F Taxation and Tax Planning
B 6 Information Processing    
C 9 Management Information    
D 12 Management Accounting 2    
F 15 Professional Practice    

The exams are held concurrently around the world and the local start times for each venue are listed here. For security reasons, candidates are not permitted to leave the exam hall during the exam, except to visit the toilet or for medical reasons, and only with the permission of the invigilator. Any candidates wishing to leave the hall will be escorted.

Students following the AIA Statutory Auditor Training Programme in the UK/EU, are required to sit the Multi-Disciplinary Case Study on Day One (Monday). The exam is four hours, commencing at the local start times listed here. The Oral Test is conducted over a two hour period and is arranged on an individual basis, further details can be requested from the Exam Department.