AIA operates an equality and diversity policy, which impacts on all areas of our operations.  We understand that we may need to make reasonable adjustments to our arrangements if you have a disability or a learning need, without compromising the validity and reliability of our exams.

The AIA understands that you may become unwell during an exam or find that your concentration has been significantly affected by an outside noise or disturbance; in this situation you should inform the Invigilator immediately.

The Invigilator will complete a Special Consideration Form which is sent with a written report to the AIA. Candidates affected in any way must sign the form and confirm whether or not they wish to apply for special consideration.

It may be the case that you:

  • Continue with the exam and inform the Invigilator that there was a problem after the exam
  • Find it necessary to stop for part of the exam, but eventually feel able to continue and finish the exam
  • Find it impossible to continue and completely withdraw from the exam

Should you temporarily or permanently withdraw from the exam due to illness, you will need to obtain a doctor's certificate confirming your condition and send it to the AIA immediately. The certificate must be translated into English and received by the AIA within seven days of the exam date. The certificate can be emailed, faxed or posted.