AIA offers three qualifications for students studying through the QCF. If you are studying for the AIA QCF Certificate in Accountancy (units 1-8), AIA QCF Diploma in Accountancy (units 9-15) or AIA QCF Diploma in Professional Accountancy (units 16-19), this section contains valuable resources and information specifically for you. You should also refer to the general information provided in the Students section.

"The AIA professional accountancy qualification is recognised by employers and individuals alike. Ideal if you are looking for a qualification with the leverage to work in public practice or multinationals, in the UK or overseas."

If you are interested in taking any of AIA's QCF units or qualifications, you can find out more in the QCF section of Join AIA or by contacting our Development Team.


If you would like to achieve a professional accountancy qualification and become a member of a professional accountancy body, you are required to register as an AIA student, and complete the three QCF qualifications, as well as three years’ work experience in accountancy.


AIA tests the learning outcomes and assessment criteria of each unit by a three-hour written exam in English.


AIA exams take place twice a year in May and November over four days; the exam entry deadline is 1 April and 1 October.

Day 1 – Monday

Day 2 – Tuesday

Unit 1:  Applying Financial Accounting Theory to Practical Situations

Unit 4:  Principles of Law for Accountants

Unit 9:  Managing Internal and External Audit Procedures

Unit 13:  Business Management Principles for Accountants

Unit 16:  Corporate Accounting and Reporting

Unit 2:  Business Economics

Unit 5:  Theory and Application of the Principles of Audit / Unit 6:  Application of the Underlying Principles of Personal and Business Tax

Unit 10:  The Application of Company Law in Financial Settings

Unit 14:  Financial Accounting for International Accountants

Unit 17:  Financial Management with an International Perspective

Day 3 – Wednesday

Day 4 - Thursday

Unit 3:  Management Accounting

Unit 8:  Business Information Processing / Unit 7:  Principles of Statistical Sources and Data Collection

Unit 12:  Designing a Management Information System / Unit 11:  Analytical Skills for Business

Unit 15:  The Use of Cost Control and Cost Management in Operational and Strategic Decision Making

Unit 18: Professional Practice in Auditing

Unit 19:  Taxation and Tax Planning


A unit will be credited to you on successfully passing the exam and you will be issued with a certificate, within four weeks of the exam results being released.

Exam results will be released by post and AIA will update student records in the Personal Learner Record at the earliest possible opportunity.