Les Bradley





Throughout 2015 AIA continued efforts to obtain greater recognition, meet our customer service targets and deliver growth and improved membership services. Simultaneously we have also made some internal changes that will make sure that we are operating effectively for the future.

The AIA customer service policy makes clear the organisation’s commitment to provide excellent customer service and key to achieving that vision is a good relationship with our members and students. Despite a global membership and varied membership profile AIA believes in offering everyone the same high quality response from when they register with AIA and undertake the professional qualification and throughout their career.

At the heart of our membership obligations is the commitment to act responsibly, in the best interests of AIA members and the general public. We take responsibility for protecting the public by ensuring that members maintain the highest standards of professional conduct and competence. Consequently throughout the year we have made changes to the AIA practice monitoring procedures to reinforce our duties and expectation of members, putting in place a system that supports the membership, but offers redress for the public.

AIA also uses its voice to respond to consultations and make representations that best serve the public interest and are an active voice in the profession. Our role in shaping policy across the profession is to ensure that professional and ethical standards are paramount, and that there is public confidence in the accountancy profession especially in relation to corporate governance and transparency. AIA is proud of its history in taking a UK qualification overseas, allowing those wishing to develop a career in accountancy the facility to obtain a professional qualification and conduct their business under the regulations of the AIA. This ensures that AIA finance professionals operate under and promote good corporate governance, ethics and expertise, in an era of increased global commercial activity. The promotion of professional qualification, accounting standards and ethics abroad is a major goal and achievement of AIA.

As an organisation we have seen a number of recognition applications come to fruition. Accreditation by the Commonwealth serves our members across the world and reinforces the AIA’s growing commitment to engage with partners and further expand our youth engagement strategy, build the small business sector and assist in economic development strategies.

Further recognition applications relate more specifically to particular sectors of the membership, but allow members to expand and develop their service offering. A proactive strategy towards obtaining further recognition has served AIA well in the 2015 and that will continue, along with greater involvement with policy development and relationship development with partners.

AIA spends a significant amount of resources ensuring that we are fully compliant with our regulatory obligations both in the UK and overseas. We believe that the accountancy profession should be fully regulated and to that end AIA has taken an active role in ensuring its members are both recognised and subject to rightful scrutiny.

Having implemented some changes last year to the AIA study course, AIA Achieve, we are now starting to see a measurable improvement in the exam results from students enrolled on the course. We also expect to see further gains as we invest in our exam and student support.

In this report we reflect on the achievements and challenges of 2015, but also how we are preparing for the future in terms of membership, profile and growth. We have taken some important decisions over the last 12 months that we believe will enable AIA and its members to deliver in a better way and on a larger scale. Finally, it is important to thank our members and students for their support over the last 12 months, as a professional membership organisation we are determined to create world class accountants, and our members demonstrate that better than anyone.


Les Bradley