FSPThe Financial Skills Partnership (FSP) are the skills champion of financial services and accountancy industry. The FSP is an organisation with a single goal: to proactively support the development of a skilled workforce in the UK's financial, finance and accountancy sectors.

Every business in our industry needs good people. People who have different backgrounds, different levels of experience; people who can help take your business forward. The FSP works with their employer partners to help them identify those people; helping them develop and shape their internal programmes from work experience and apprenticeships to school leavers and graduates.

The FSP is employer-led; they are an impartial and representative organisation, tapping into vast cross-sector experience and expertise within their team and work to understand, advise and act in a way that helps secure the right outcome.

The FSP actively represents their employer partners whilst promoting the sector across the UK and internationally. They lobby the government and provide a consistent voice on the key issues their partners are faced with.

The FSP develops innovative solutions that help their partners to link up with the right type of people, to help develop new relationships and help make things happen.

They are the only UK Government-licensed skills organisation working across the industry and are focussed on developing skills-based solutions to help support and sustain a commercially-dynamic industry.