Should an issue arise regarding the exam conditions, content or protocol you can make a complaint upon completion of the exam. Please refer to the Exam Complaints Procedures and complete an Exam Complaint Form. These are available on request from the Exams Department.

The Exam Complaint Form must be received by the AIA within five working days of the exam date. The form can be sent by post, email (scanned) or fax. The form must include your candidate number, AIA registration number, the title of the exam paper, the date and time of the exam and the exam venue.

The AIA conducts investigations into all complaints prior to submitting a report to the Qualifications Committee. The AIA will endeavour to complete the investigation, including presentation to the Qualifications Committee within 12 weeks. You will be advised by email and letter of the Qualifications Committee's decision.

Should you have another grievance, please refer to the Grievance Policy on the website.