Provisions, Related Party Disclosures and Revenue Recognition | P13 | Achieve Webinar

AIA Achieve
Event Date: 
06 April 2017
Event Time: 
12:00 to 13:00

Ever wondered just how to gain top marks for that difficult exam question?

For many exam questions, especially at Professional Level 2, you are required to do two essential things. The first is to make sure you possess the knowledge required to both understand the question, and to be able to form a solid, informed answer that relates to what you have been asked. The other is to make sure you have the ability to apply that knowledge within the context of the question, in other words, to be able to use what you know to do exactly what you have been asked.

Exam questions come in many forms, both narrative and calculative, ranging from basic discursive answers to case studies worth a lot of marks. After reviewing student performance on past exam questions, we have identified several issues that have caused problems for students sitting the exam.

Our series of webinars are designed to help you develop your ability to tackle the whole range of question types. The live webinars are presented by an Achieve e-tutor, who will guide you through the knowledge and technique required to answer the question successfully. There is also the opportunity for questions and student discussion.

The webinars are included in Achieve, but are also available to students studying with colleges or independently.


  • Live webinar PLUS access to webinar recording - £25.00
  • Webinar recording - £15.00
  • Bundle deals for access to all webinar recordings for a paper - £55.00
  • Both the live webinars and the recordings are free to students enrolled on the corresponding paper on Achieve. This is only applicable to Achieve students who attend the live webinar, or a fee is incurred for webinar recordings.

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