Finance Leader Frontiers 2017

Event Date: 
14 September 2017 to 15 September 2017
Event Time: 
09:00 to 16:15

Recently, there has been an abundance of large events happening in the financial industry, such as the adjustment on certificate of accounting and the emergence of finance and tax robot. Therefore, financial departments are confronted with increasing changes and challenges. On September 14 and 15 this year, F-Council will make a combined effort with AIA and financial leaders from various model enterprises to discuss the trend with the profession, discuss the model enterprises and make a future growth plan to improve soft and hard skills. CFOs will exchange their own experience with the whole council, discussing current hot topics which have come to the attention of finance professionals.  

Meanwhile, during the 10th anniversary of F-Council, the committee will reveal the artificial intelligence program and award for the annual outstanding leader of the financial circles with 30 presidium members. We sincerely hope that the profession may find the cross-border breakthroughs in this council and leave the event with a lasting impression from the council for their future financial career.




09:00 Opening Speech Ye Shubin, President of F-Council Company


09:10 | How do the CFO'S Respond to the Evolving Economic Situation? | Huang Yanming, CFO of Combibloc China

Sharing Speakers | Dong Hongqian, CFO of BP Castrol Greater China & Li Zhiyong, Executive Director/CFO of Wison China


09:55 | The Innovation Model - Combination of Industry and Finance in China - New Ecosystem | Zhao Junhao, President of Fudan Investment Industry Club 

Sharing Speakers | Yin Hao, Senior Partner of Zhongyin Law Firm


10:40 | Break


11:00 | Where do Finance Staff Achieve Transformation in an Era of "Finance and Tax Robot" | Huang Ruzhang, Executive Vice President of F-Council 

Sharing Speakers | Institute for China Business, HKU Space


11:45 | The New Finance Model in the Era of the Internet and Big Data | Peng Yong, Executive Director of Caizuan Consulting Company


12:30 | Luncheon 


Industry Dialogue 


13:30 | Discussion on Purchase Payment Model in the Situation of Current Foreign Exchange 

Sharing Speakers | Gao Houchum, CFO of ESG Environmental Protection Group & Wang Tao, Director of Capital in BASF Greater China 


14:15 | How do CFO's Lead the Manufacturing Enterprises to Find the New Opportunity During "Cold Winter" Period 

Sharing Speakers | Zhang Qing, Former CFO of Xerium Asia Pacific & Bi Yongliang, CFO of Macquay China & Wang Yan, CFO of China Music


15:00 | Break 


15:30 | How do Fast Consumer Goods Industry CFO's use the Methods on Marketing Expenses?  

Sharing Speakers | Li Feng Jun, CFO/Director of Pigeon China & Chen Chaoxiang, CFO og WYWK


16:15 | "Chinese Style" Survival - The Way of Pharmaceutical Enterprises in the New Medical Reform 

Sharing Speakers | Qiu Zhiqian, CFO of Hisun Pfizer China


EVENING | Awards Dinner, The 10th Anniversary of F-Council





09:00 | How to Make Profit Employing the Value Chain Management?  

Sharing Speakers | Association of International Accountants


09:45 | Multidimensional Business Group Cost Control Methods 

Sharing Speakers | TBC


10:30 | Break


11:00 | The Management Accounting Value Creation Caused by Budget Management 

Sharing Speakers | Wu Ning, Former CFO of Smartisan


11:45 | The Combination of Industry and Finance in the Transformation Era of Management Accounting 

Sharing Speakers | TBC


12:30 | Luncheon


The Internal and External Collaboration of Financial Leaders 


13:30 | CFO's Capacity Building Under Strategy Background


14:15 | How to Build Effectice and Stable Finance Staff? 

Sharing Speakers | Du Ying, CFO of GE Industrial System Asia Pacific


15:00 | Break


15:30 | How to Use Non-Financial Language in Work Communication? 

Sharing Speakers | Liu Ying, CFO of EF Greater China 


16:15 | Group Discussion: How do CEO, CFO COO's Collaborate to Create Value for Enterprises? 

Sharing Speakers | Jiang Yanyun, CFO of Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise China & Huang Xibing, Vice President of Finance, Legrand 


17:00 | Lucky Draw Time



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