AIA is represented on HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) Employment Consultation Forum.

The Employment Consultation Forum is the principal consultation forum for employers and their intermediaries.  The group focus is on the employer customer, but because employment issues form the subject matter, the group and its sub-groups also address employee impacts as appropriate.  Primarily, the forum focuses on strategic or higher-level issues of both legislative and operational policy and practice.

Separate sub groups have been set up to discuss some subjects in greater depth, these cover:

  • Benefits and Expenses
  • Joint Forum on Expatriate Tax and NICs – Ex Pats
  • Modernising PAYE Processes for Customers – MPPC
  • Statutory Payments
  • Student loans
  • Large Employer Operational Issues
  • Payroll Consultation Panel
  • List of dates of the forum and subgroups


Terms of Reference