Published by BPP Learning Media, a market-leading publisher of study materials for professional exams, the AIA e-Books provide you with the knowledge and understanding, skills and application techniques that you need to be successful in your exams.

Each e-Book is targeted at the corresponding exam paper; it is comprehensive and covers the syllabus content; no more, no less. It is written at the right level; each chapter is written with the AIA syllabus in mind. It is aimed at the exam and takes into account recent exams, guidance from examiners and the assessment methodology.

View inside the e-Booke-Books offer you:

  • A user-friendly format for easy navigation
  • Exam-centred topic coverage, directly linked to AIA's syllabus
  • Exam focus points showing you what the examiner wants you to do
  • Regular fast forward summaries emphasising the key points in each chapter
  • Questions and quick quizzes to test your understanding
  • End of chapter exam standard questions with answers
  • Exam question bank containing further exam standard questions with answers
  • Mock exam
  • Portable
  • Space saving
  • Downloadable in minutes from any location
  • Easy to annotate
  • Quick and easy way to study
  • Give you instant access to the study material you need
  • Accessed by computer

e-Books will revolutionise the way that you study.