The AIA takes candidate malpractice during the exams very seriously and disciplinary action will be taken. Examples of malpractice include:

  • A candidate arranging for someone else to sit an exam for them.
  • A candidate being in possession of materials not permitted in the exam hall. This constitutes malpractice even if the candidate does not use them.
  • Copying from another candidate or allowing another candidate to copy their work.
  • Damaging another candidate's work.
  • Disruptive behaviour at the exam venue.
  • Entering offensive or inappropriate work in the exam script.
  • Use of a mobile phone during the exam.
  • Communicating with another candidate during the exam.
  • Continuing to write in the exam script once the Invigilator has announced the end of the exam.

Where a candidate is suspected of malpractice during an exam, the Invigilator will warn the candidate that their actions may constitute malpractice, and that the incident will be reported to the AIA. However, the candidate will be allowed to finish the exam.

Before leaving the exam venue, the candidate will be asked to provide a statement explaining their conduct. The statement can be written by the candidate and signed by the Invigilator, or the candidate can provide an oral account which the Invigilator will write down; the candidate will then read this account and sign to confirm its accuracy. Candidates are not obliged to provide a statement before leaving the exam venue; if they choose not to, the Invigilator will note this in their report.

The Invigilator will complete a Candidate Malpractice Report Form and submit it together with the candidate's statement to the AIA.

If the AIA considers that further investigation is required, the candidate's results will be withheld until a full investigation can take place.

On completion of the investigation, the AIA will provide a report outlining the findings which is forwarded to the Qualifications Committee for review. The Committee will decide whether the incident constitutes malpractice and will advise an appropriate course of action.

Possible sanctions imposed on candidates by the Qualifications Committee may include:

  • Disqualification of the candidate from the exam;
  • Confiscation of previously issued certificates;
  • Disqualification from the AIA.