The accountancy sector and the services it provides is integral to the stability and growth of business, and the economy as a whole. From ensuring that company finances remain 'healthy,' to analysing if an organisation can afford to expand or diversify, professional accountants are an integral part of any business.

"The AIA Professional Accountancy Qualification equips you with the skills and expertise you need to succeed in huge variety of accountancy and finance roles."

You can choose from four accountancy qualifications: the Certificate in Accountancy, Diploma in Accountancy and the Diploma in Professional Accountancy, which can be taken as stand-alone qualifications or can be combined, along with three years' Initial Professional Development (IPD) for the AIA Professional Qualification, giving you a clear and achievable route to qualifying as an accountant.


The Certificate in Accountancy is ideal if you're just starting out in your accountancy career. The Certificate in Accountancy will give you a strong foundation in accountancy techniques and knowledge and you will be able to apply these at work within supervised and routine situations.

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Equivalent to an undergraduate degree.

If you already have a Level 4 or Level 5 qualification or you have a degree, then the Diploma in Accountancy will develop your understanding of different perspectives and approaches to accountancy and will give you the ability to refine and apply these when planning and developing courses of action. The Diploma in Accountancy is ideal for accounting technicians who want to take the next step up.

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Equivalent to a Masters degree.

The Diploma in Professional Accountancy builds on the skills and knowledge you will have gained in the Diploma in Accountancy, or in your accountancy and finance degree, and gives you the expertise to deal with complex work scenarios. 

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On completion of the Diploma in Professional Accountancy and three years' Initial Professional Development (IPD) (work experience) you would be 'fully qualified' as an accountant and eligible to become an Associate member of AIA.

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